Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgeons



Our surgeons are committed to earning your trust by helping you know exactly what to expect and providing you with extraordinary expertise and care.

Your cardiothoracic or vascular surgeon should have not only the deepest knowledge of your condition and the most well-honed surgical skills, but also the ability to understand and address your concerns. Our surgeons and the members of their healthcare support teams take the time to explain your treatment plan and answer your questions.

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Our Team of Surgeons

Dr. J. Christian Allmon

Dr. Nathan R. Bates

Dr. Clay M. Burnett

Dr. Sara E. Clark

Dr. Curiale

Dr. Steven Curiale

Dr. Jared T. Feyko

Dr. Vasant Jayasankar

Dr. Adil Khan

Dr. Fawad Khawaja

Dr. Raymond Lee

Dr. Erin M. Moore

Dr. Mark A. Mostovych

Dr. Derek D. Muehrcke

Dr. Dale K. Mueller

Dr. Rick Proia

Dr. Robert J. Still

Dr. Danny Vo

Dr. Charles Wyatt

Dr. Charles Wyatt